Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Prime Medical Imaging we offer many different radiological services. So we are sure you have some questions about your procedure. Look at this list and click on the one of interest. If you have more specific questions please send us a message.

How should I prepare for my MRI?

No preparation is generally needed. Your doctor will inform you of any food or beverage restrictions (but typically that’s not necessary). Answer all of your initial screening questions honestly, and make sure to remove all metallic items from your body before entering your scan. Once in the MRI scanner your only job will be to relax and lay still.

How long does an MRI take?

An MRI captures images of the body from many different angles. The computer needs time to shift and reset the imaging in order to gather all of the information needed for your specific target area. Typical scan times run approximately 20 to 45 minutes based on scan type, contrast and other factors.

Can someone sit in the room with me?

We will do our best to accommodate special requests for a second person to be in the room during the exam.

What is the difference between an MRI and CT scan?

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, uses a large magnetic field and radio frequency pulses to create images in any plane. An MRI will produce detailed images of organs, soft tissue, tendons, ligaments, the spinal cord, bone, and other internal body structures. The detail between normal and abnormal tissue is clearer on an MRI image than a CT scan. An MRI can also generate 3D isotrophic imaging of the vessels in your body.

A CT scan, or Computed Axial Tomography, uses x-rays for imaging. CT scans are obtained much quicker than MRI, but provide less detail. CT scans are generally focused on boney detail imaging.


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